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The EU Question: should we stay or should we go ?

The referendum due to be held by end 2017 has been described by at least one politician as the most important decision in our history since the Reformation. I don't know about that, but I can say that for me this is the most important political decision of my adult life.

I've always tended to follow the political news in the media more than most and thought of myself as reasonably well-informed.  I started reading up on the EU question just before the General Election of 2015 and started to realise how little I actually knew.  It has also become clear to me that the media coverage is very poor and there is a huge amount of confusion and misinformation coming from both sides of the debate.

Hence, this blog is intended to explore the EU question, which will hopefully inform readers and spark debate. There will be a wide range of views on the EU question and I welcome comments / queries etc. from both sides of the debate on this blog.  All I ask is that respect and common decency is shown.  There will be times when a debate will be concluded with "agree to disagree", but hopefully we will all have gained some insights.

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